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Guinea Pig Virtual Memorial Gardens


If you would like to put your piggie in the Memorial Gardens for all to remember, with or without a picture, e-mail me at the mail address at the bottom of this page with what you want it to say. I don't write the memorials myself. You can attach a picture to the e-mail but it must be no more than aproximately 100 pixels square.
(I can reduce the size of the picture for you if necessary.)



April 1997 - Aug. 7, 2002
Coco was our pride & joy. Our last piggie. We lost her due to a tumor. She'll be missed & not forgotten. She especially loved her grass, clover & dandelions. Goodbye Coco and Happy Trails...Karen & family
Dec. 1997 - Dec. 7, 2001
Our little sweetie left us early this morning possibly due to renal failure. When she was feeling good she was a happy little girl but missed Sammie a lot. Her favorite snack recently got to be saltine crackers. She'd come running & grab it from you. Say hello to Sammie. We love you and will miss you terribly.....Karen & family
March 1997 - July 14, 2001
Our Sammie girl finally lost the fight apparently because of a liver problem. She was the sweetest & most considerate piggie there was. She took care of the others as best she could when she felt good. If you just touched her, she purred. And loved being petted. She will be, and already is, very sadly missed.....Karen & family
July 1993 - Jan. 8, 2001
Pepe was 7-1/2 years old. We were hoping she would but arthritis was really getting to her. She went with relatively no warning. She was gone in the morning after an evening of the usual exercise & veggies that she loved. We're not sure why but have to attribute it to old age. We'll miss you Pepe but now you can say hello to Shaq again.....Karen & family
Dec. 1997 - March 4, 2000
Our little Pen Pen finally lost after a year of illnesses and surgery. She went through a lot but fought every step of the way. Very deeply missed. She was the sweetest piggie. She loved to be held, petted and babied. When she was well she got to be a real chunk. She loved to eat. Losing her was like losing one of our own children.....Karen & family
Oct. 17, 1993 - Jan. 8, 1998
Pebbles was the daughter of Boots & Pepe. She passed away suddenly & without warning. She's now with her buddy, Scottie, again. She'll also be sadly missed by all.....Karen & family
May, 1993 - Dec. 16, 1997
Shaq was a sweetie. Always liked to hug. Never ran when you wanted to pet her. Shaq was Scottie's mother. They're together again. She will be (and already is) sadly missed by us all.....Karen & family
Oct. 10, 1993 - March 27, 1997
My Scottie Girl was the sweetest and most loving guinea pig anyone could have. She will be very sadly missed by all.....Karen & family
May, 1993 - March 5, 1996
Boots was Scottie's father. Poor little guy was kind of lonely, not being with the rest of the girls all the time. But he was a cutie and is still missed by the family.....Karen & family

Died 1991, Age 5 years.
Finch was a short haired male. He was the best thing that ever happened in my life and I loved him more than anything.....Laura
SpacerFinch II.
Died Sept. 5, 1997, Age almost 7 years.
Finch II was a cream teddy. He was adorable and so loved.....Laura
Died Sept. 8, 1997
In loving memory of Muffin, who brought so much joy into our lives. In life, she was small in stature and demeanor, but her passing has left an enormous hole in our lives. She will live in our hearts forever.....Barbara
Died May 12, 1998
In loving memory of Mocha, our little clown. Always on the go and looking for trouble. Your mischievous ways and funny face could always make me laugh. I'm really going to miss you, funny girl.....Barbara
Died Oct. 24, 1997
Kramer was my best friend and pal. I loved him VERY VERY much and he loved me!!!!! I am 8 years old. Bye Kramer I love you sweetheart. .....Carly
Oct. 22, 1997 - Nov. 17, 1997
My gpig Jazz died at a tender age of 3 months. He passed away peacefully. Though he's been with me for less than a month, he was my best & favorite piggy. So adventurous and brave. I love him so much. Goodbye, Jazz...... Bernadette
March 1997 - Nov. 13, 1997
Kibbles was the sweetest gpig I've ever known. She loved to be held and brushed. She would sit on my lap for hours. I have 9 other sweeties, four of them are Kibble's babies. Cocoa especially reminds me of her mother.....Heather
Jan. 30, 1995 - Jan. 8, 1998
In memory of Charlotte, sister of Lucy who died in December 1997. Charlotte was the cutest guinea pig ever, and loved to explore. She and Lucy loved to play outside under the lilies by our back door and lie in the warm summer sun. My dear Char, how I will miss my girl.
1995 - Dec. 19, 1997
He was black & brown & very cute! And when I'd walk, he'd run after my feet. And he died just 6 days before Christmas! I miss him sooooo much! I & he were best friends, (A girl guinea pig) Nilla. Lonely very much after him!.....From a very sad Maria!
Died Dec. 18, 1997
She was a gorgeous, sweet guinea pig and we loved her .

Died Dec. 18, 1997
He was a shy guinea pig and I only had him a couple of months and then he was gone.
3 years old.
She was a brown and white Abyssinian. She loved life, but then she died suddenly. I came home from work one day to find that she had passed on. I don't know why, but I still love her and want her to be remembered.
Sept. 1996 - July 1997
Scully was Mulder's sister. She was a gentle, short-hair who would purr so much, she "vibrated." Scully was the smallest pig in the store. My wife picked her out because she thought no one would want to love such a tiny pig. Poor Scully passed away from a tumor we never knew she had. We’ll always miss you.....Greg & Adrianne
MarseMarse (Mare-zee).
June 1997 - June 1998
Marse was such a silly pig. We got her right after Scully passed away so that Mulder wouldn’t get lonely. She loved to sleep next to her bew “step-sister.” She was very energetic and could stand on her hind legs when hand-fed. Her ears were too big and would flop around when she shook her head. She loved to touch noses and sniff whenever you picked her up. She loved carrots and would run around and call out if she even smelled one. Marse got a respiratory infection and passed away. Goodbye little “sniffy”.....Adrianne & Greg
Sept. 1996 - June 1998
Mulder was a beautiful long-hair. Her eyes were so expressive, you’d swear she was trying to tell you something important when she looked at you. She had pink, tiny lips that always looked like she was ready to give you a kiss. Mulder was a gentle pig who purred and loved to be held close. She would call out with a “wheak” when she wanted attention. She caught the same infection Marse had. They’re “sleeping” together in a special spot near our home and in our hearts.....Adrianne & Greg
June 5 - Sept. 1, 1996
He was a very shy sweetie and loved only me. When others came up to him he'd back off but he'd always come to me and brighten up my gloomy days. I love you Jitsy.....Vicky.
Oct. 31, 1996 - Dec. 19, 1997
Jumpers was the daughter of Jitters. She was very hyper, affectionate, and loyal. I don't know how she died. It deeply saddened me though. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I miss you Jumpers.....Vicky.
June 1994 - March 1997
Pachita was the best pig ever. She was so gentle and loved attention. She was warm and adorable and made our family very happy. We miss you Pachita!
Honey BearHoney Bear.
May 1995 - January 1998
Honey Bear was a funny little Guinea Pig. She was curious, and very energetic. She passed away leaving her sister Snuggles alone to cope without her. It was rough not having her around but we managed and continue to remember the love she bought to our family.
Died 1997
Gizmo was a sweetheart, she sucked on her fingers when ever she was nervous. She died of old age in my arms. Giz...we will always love you and miss you!

April 1993 - Dec. 1, 1998
Rusty was a rust colored rough-haired guinea pig. She was the most loving and friendly pig I ever had. She would purr when petted, never bit anyone, and was just a real lover of people. I miss her terrible. I won't ever forget you Rusty!....Rick
SpacerMiss Piggy.
Died 1998
A sweet girl died at the age of 2. She is now with her buddy.
Died 1998
Died at the age of 5. An abbysinian with a heart of gold. Loved by many.
Nov. 1997 - May 1998
Chequers was a funny guinea pig and loved to stare.He was a chequerboard breed. He only lived for 7 months, but he was a great guinea pig and was the father of 6 babies: 4 boys and 2 girls. Miss you Chequers.....Steven
April 26, 1991 - Dec. 1998
She was 7 years old, but she was a fighter. She survived two operations, one in which included the removal of one of her eyes. She had a personality that was truly unlike the typical guinea pig behavior. She liked a clean cage, she liked chocolate cake, and she would squeak when she heard me come threw the door.
Died July 4, 1999
In loving memory of Whit Whit. He always bought sunshine into our lives. We won't ever forget you.....Love Mama and Daddy, Jason & Dustin
1996 - Sept. 24, 1999
Boof was a beloved Guinea Pig belonging to Menai High school in Sydney, Australia. His favourite activity was just sitting in the shade eating grass. He will be missed by all of the Agriculture students and teachers.
1998 - Oct. 18, 1999
Adopted April, 1999. Tabasco was the young male friend of Fred & Sunny ("the girls"), and a loveable member of the family. He was a spunky, yet tender cavy. He died suddenly of a heart attack. We miss you, beautiful Tabasco!.....Love, Raquel, Chelsea & Max, and "the girls".
Gingersnap was brown with a white stripe. She was a sweetheart. She gave us three wonderful babies on a Christmas Eve. Coffee, Toffee, and Taffy. We miss you Gingie!.....Robyn
Taffy lived about two months. Although her life was short she won our hearts.She was wonderful. Taffy, we love you baby!.....Robyn & Holly

Spice was a purebred peruvian. She had no white. We worked very hard to save her but God needed her to help another little pig. Miracle loves you Spicy, and so do we.....Robyn & Holly
Toughie was born with no use of his left back leg & a mangled left ear. Toughie was loved & taken care of by us & another friend who has guinea pigs. Although he only lived about thirty-six hours he won our heart. He learned to walk by watching his brother and sister. He perservered. We all love you Toughie, especially Cinnamon (Splotches) and Popcorn.....Robyn
Dec. 1997 - Aug. 2,1998
She was the sweetest little Guinea Pig in the world. She was my very first. She died suddenly. She will be missed deeply! I love you my Pumpski-Roo! Always and Forever! Love Always.....Michelle your mommy 4-ever
1998 - Sept. 9, 1999
I love you so much sweetie! You were such a pretty baby! Selena had died of a horrible breathing problem that was associated with a cold. I loved her dearly! She'll always be remembered along w/ her sister Pumpkin. I love you always and forever baby!Love Always.....Michelle your mommy 4-ever
SpacerNo Name
I just got you for less than 5 minutes and you had a heart attack and died in my arms. I didn't have enough time to name you either. I tried mouth to mouth but that didn't work either. I'm so sorry sweetie! I'll miss you so much! I had no clue how old you were. I forgot the day you went to heaven but you'll be in my and your daddy's heart as well! I love you and so does your daddy! Always and forever! Love Always.....Michelle (mom) & Sean (dad)
Jan or Feb 1999 - May 27, 2000
Now that you're in heaven and warm & cozy, I hope that you, along with any other teddy bear - haired cavies out there can squeal with your delight & enjoy the many pleasures of purring when massaged. You will be missed by your roomate Cowcow & the entire human family. I will always remember you as the softest, cutest & best when held (but eager when fed) teddy. Hope I'll see you there when I get there.....Debbie
Feb 1997 - June 4, 2000, 6:48PM.
Our dear beloved Fred, you passed away. So with Tabasco, you now can play. Our beautiful, adorable piggie Fred. How we will miss you, we are sad.....Love, Sunny, Dino, Mama, Chelsea, Max & Jim
Aug. 1995 - June 11, 2000
She had a sudden, brief illness. She loved attention and loved to eat. She is survived by her sister Oreo. Losing her was like losing a child. She will be greatly missed.....Salima & Rick
Died June 2000
After three years of adorable company, he left us, and we are terribly sad, hope that we managed to give him all the best, forgive me for this terrible accident, & hope you will find a good place in heaven. We'll take care of yours babies. ciao Lillo.....Alex & Marzia
SpacerBrandy and Whiskey
April 2000 - June 2000
Brandy, my first Guinea pig fell sick and died on June 22. Brandy brought me joy and will be greatly missed but never forgotten. You are unstoppable!.....Bill

Died June 26, 2000
I do not know when she was born, for I got her at a small local feed barn. I owned Dorth for a long & happy 7 years. She was close to 8 when she passed away. She would always squeak when I opened the refrigerator door hoping to get a treat. She was mostly black & on her black head was a stripe of brown and white. She had a wonderful personality too. I love you sweetheart, thank you for all the joy, happiness, tears, fun, & entertainment you provided me with. With all of my love.....Katie
SpacerPeanut, Kernel Casy, Cinnamon, & Oyster (Bessi).
Love and respect to my past "pig" friends. You're not forgotten.....Katie
Oct. 1993 - Dec. 1999
My Snuggler was a faithful, loving member of my family & will be greatly missed. She was an intelligent piggy who loved to snuggle & eat her treats from my hand. At times, she was all I had in this world. She was sometimes my only friend & was the only one who was with me when I lost my best friend. I still have her "roommate" Ziggy, & we both miss her terribly. Our love, along with her memory, will live on for the rest of my life. I love you Snuggle, Rest in Peace. Love.....Mommy
Died July 12, 2000
Dear Dino passed away during the early morning hours. You were too young to go (over one and a half years of age). We hope that you are enjoying heaven with dear Freddie and Tabasco. We love you!.....Sunny, Raquel, Chelsea, Max & Jim.
Died Aug. 20, 2000
It's very unfortunate that you were taken away from us in the midst of a summer night. I will remember the first time I got you, the first time you saw a new neighbour moving in (Momo). Althought Momo left before you did, I'm sure you two will have a squealing-fun time in Piggie Heaven. Remember us, for we will always remember you.....Your human family.
SpacerMiss Iris
Died Sept. 13, 2000
She was 18 months old, and very very cute. She loved to be held, and touched. She had a favorite chair which was bamboo that she always ran to. She took many months to chew all the strands of the chair so she could hide under it. Her friend Angel loved to be held along with her. She put up a good fight, but was just too weak. I miss her very much, and she will remain in my heart forever.....Love Linda.
Nov. 27 - Nov. 30, 2000
She was my little baby girl. I picked her up to see if she was ok & I put her down on the ground then we came back down the next day to see her and she was dead. I still remember her & love her so much......Georgia
July 1, 2000 - Aug. 24, 2000
Tigger died of pneumonia on the way to the vet. Tigger, we all miss you & love you.....Amee
Died May 24, 2000
Piglet was accidently dropped at school and was paralyzed. We did the best for our Piglet but he died. I love you a lot Piglet.....Amee
Oct. 1996 - Jan. 21, 2001
My baby Emily was a sweet & loving guinea pig! Every morning we would go down to her cage & she would be so happy & she would just squeal at me.She died in my arms & we said to go to the light and she did! She is takin care of by God and she is watching over me! I love you so much and I will always care for her! You were the best pet EVER!.....Melanie

Lucipher was the prettiest little girl pig, she was a little small when we got her & we soon found out that she had some kind of digestive disorder. She was an escape artist & she knew just how to get out of her cage & she always squealed to let you know when she wanted something. Her fight for life lasted a long year & she died after a seizure in her daddy's arms. Lucipher was survived by her brother Jade & her daddy & I continue to love her & think about her beautiful red eyes & her wonderful pignally. Lucipher we continue loving you everyday.....Love Mommy, Daddy & Jade
Died Feb. 5, 2001
J.P died suddenly, & peacefully. I never did know his age because he was already a full grown adult when I got him. I am happy to say that his time with me was great. He wasn't cooped up in a cage, instead he had an entire barn stall to live in, along with his friends (2 rabbits, and another piggy) In there he would tunnel under the hay, get plenty of exercise, & lay under his heat lamp on cooler days. I only wish that his stay with me was longer than 7 months. So long J.P, I'll see you again when it's my time.....Love Andrea
1993 - March 8, 2001
He was always peaceful & liked to talk. He was bright orange & had a torn ear. I got him second hand from a going out of business pet store for $2.00. When I came in to see him the day he died, I opened his cage & he came running out to me, which he never does and died in my arms. He lived a long happy life & I will love him forever.....
SpacerButterscotch Mayellus Campbell
Nov. 1996 - May 2001
She died suddenly at night & I found her in the morning, cuddled up in her gray sleeping tube like she always slept in. My angel died suddenly from an unknown cause, & I cry for her everyday. She was like a daughter to me & she will not be forgotten. Butterscotch, my baby girl, I miss you & I wish I could once again cuddle you in my arms. Always & forever.....Mommy
Nov. 1, 2000 - June 28, 2001
Theodore was a beautiful long-haired people piggy from the moment he & I met. He died in my arms suddenly & mysteriously after only 7 joyous months with me. He was the smartest little guy, knowing his own name & always squealing & flipping happily. He turned my life around & will be forever missed. I love you & miss you sweet pea.....Gina
Feb. 14, 2000 - March 19, 2001
We don't know exactly how he died but I am still mourning the loss of him. I was getting ready for an orthodontist appointment when I saw that he couldn't stand up. He started to have seizures so we took him to the vet. They tried to wake him up but he never did.....Bryan
June 24, 2001 - Aug. 8, 2001
I knew you were sick from the moment I received you. You were the runt of the litter but you put up a strong fight. You ran to me & died in my arms & I know you will be playing in the great big animal playground in the sky with Theodore. I miss you & love you Blinky Dink & am so proud of you.....Gina
Died Sept. 20, 2001
In memory of Cody.Such a dear little boy, You will be greatly missed.....Love, Mama, Daddy, Jason & Dustin
Died Oct. 26, 2001
Cookie was so curious & sweet & we loved her very much! We will always remember you....., Tess, Caelan ,Bridey, Mom, Dad, Tommy, Danny, Willy & Lovie
Dec. 1995 - Dec. 10, 2001
We brought him home on New Year's Day 1996. He was the most precious guinea pig you ever saw - all black and white with a little brown spot under his chin. I named him after Anthony Hopkins' character "Mr. Stevens" in the book/movie "Remains of the Day" because he looked a little like a butler dressed in black and white. He loved to play outside & eat grass & dandelion leaves. He also loved to get attention by rattling & chewing his cage bars. We loved him very much & miss him terribly. It is going to be a very lonely Christmas without him.....Ronalee Joanne Gingrich & Family

Died Nov. 2001
She was a little chocolate brown piggy with no other colors & she died from what we think was pneumonia. She was the sweetest little pig I had ever known. She loved her lettuce & snuggling. I miss her lots.....Holly
March 1, 1998 - Jan. 9, 2002
I'm saddened that I have an addition to make to the Memorial Gardens but I know that Brownie will be happier this way. He had a tumor of some sort that grew larger over time. We eventually had to put him down before he started suffering. We raised him ourselves & he was always one to cuddle. He was a very sweet & smart guinea pig.....Kate
Jan. 26, 2002 - Jan. 29, 2002
Capriati was rejected at birth by his mother & I hand raised him. He was half the size of his brothers & sisters. His legs were twisted in the womb & were crooked. He couldn't walk or stand & could only see out of one eye. At 3 days old he died from getting milk in his lungs. It was very sad to see him slowly drift off to a permanet sleep. I wish he had of survived so I could see how strong he would be. His coloring was black with orange & brown stripes. He was half longhair with brown eyes. We will miss him greatly.....Sandi & Sarah
Jan. 1997 - Jan. 30, 2002
Named after Ricky Rudd , NASCAR driver. He was always there for you. He liked to go outside when it was warm & eat grass. He was a good friend to have around the house when you were having a bad day or were feeling blue. He liked to look at himself in the mirror & to be rubbed under his chin & behind his ears. He would chew on the wire of his cage until someone would give him a treat & he liked to be held & cuddled. His nick-name was Piggers. He loved to pick all of the “good things” out of his food dish before he would eat the regular food. He was a tough little guy & hung on as long as he could for us. See you when it’s my time.....Mitch.
Died Jan. 2002
I got Rodney just after my birthday in Febuary 2001 & he died of a stroke in January 2002. He was really sad because he died in my arms. He went peacefully though. I really miss you still & I hope you are still as lovely as you were. Lots of cuddles & kisses from your mummy.....Amy
Died July 5, 2000
Scatter died from lack of vitamin C. He was a sweet guinea pig & very small. I think he was the runt of the litter. I don't know exactly when he was born but I got him on my birthday on October 17th, 1999. He had a very short life but I feel blessed that I had him for even that short amount of time. So I just wanted to say that I love him very much and I miss him.....Caitlan
Died April 9, 2002
My precious Adie died after a long fight with illness. She always wanted to be held & loved to nuzzle into my neck when I held her. She was the most wonderful girl. I love you & will miss you so much.....Amanda
Died April 10, 2002
Bron was a huge male but the most gentle guinea. He died from pneumonia the day after Adie & now they are back together. They had three beautiful babies before leaving me that are also battling pneumonia. I love you big boy, I'll miss you so much.... Amanda
Died April 30, 2002
Patches was only a few days old. He was a runt & a lovely little piggy, just too weak to make it. The few days I had to enjoy his company was wonderful & the family will miss him much. We love you patches.....Jennifer
Fall, 2000 - May 5, 2002
Ernie was always there for us after a bad day at work, squeaking for carrots & attention. He always put a smile on our face & we treated him like he was our "son". We believe he grew to be a very fat & happy guinea pig. He came down with an upper respitory infection. We took him to the vet & got medicine right away but I guess we still didn't catch it in time. He died in his wooden house on his favorite sleeping sock. I hope he knew how much joy he brought into our lives & we will never forget him. He will be truly missed.....Jamie & Hank Grady

March 2002 - June 14, 2002
You were a trooper right from the start & were more pet than I thought God could stuff in such a small body. I'm so sorry that you had pneumonia & I thought I could work & work & make you better, but all the late night steam baths, chest massages & antibiotics couldn't clear your lungs. It killed me to let you sleep today, but it would have killed me more to see you suffer longer. I'll see you in the big pie in the sky.....Love, Colleen & Joel
Age Unknown
I'm not sure how old Harvey was but he was an adorable little black & white guinea pig. We had barely gotten to know each other when he died from some kind of illness. The doctor still isn't sure. He was a great companion & was so smart. I loved hearing him squeak & talk to me. It was so hard to hold him & watch him die. I hope that now he's happy, healthy & chewing on some alfalfa that he loved so much. I'll miss you Harvey.....Amanda
Feb. 1998 - May, 2002
Ginger was an adorable little girl. She died the day before her sister, Mocha, had her litter of pups. I miss her dearly & sadly could not get her on camera.
Feb. 1997 - Aug. 13, 2002
Dear Sunny, always so sweet, you're such a honey, you lived a ripe old age, queen of the palatial cage, be happy in Heaven, my little "Sunny Bunny"..... Love, Midnight, Abbey, Raquel, Chelsea, Max & Jim
Died Sept. 7, 2002
He was a little over a year old. He got sick & a couple days later died. He was such a great little pet. Never a dull moment with Sherman around. He will be missed.
Sept. 2000 - May 2001
She was my first guinea pig, an unwanted girl from a shelter. She was so tiny when I first got her. She was the most beautiful pig I have ever seen, she looked like a siamese, all fluffy cream with a little cocoa brown nose. She was very feisty-a big talker with a big personality. She got along very well with the family Basset Hound. She loved to curl up on my (now ex) husbands lap while he played guitar. Whenever she heard her favorite song, she would run & jump up on his lap & make a purring noise. She died suddenly at nine months old & it was among the most heartbreaking days I have ever had. She died in my lap as my (ex) husband played her favorite song. Petunia, I had you for such a short time, but I will always love you. There will never be another pig like you.....Love, Mommy
Died Nov. 8, 2002
Noah was very sick. He was only 16 weeks old. We did all we could, but it wasn't enough. He was a lovely guinea pig & we will miss him.....John & Kim
Died Nov. 20, 2002
She died at 9:20am just after I had went to school. We all loved her dearly & still do. We tried to save her, we realy tried but couldn't. Figit (Bandits sister) misses her as well as Cola (her hutch mate). All the family miss her, she was lovely but she's gone.....Katie
SpacerPig Pig
5-1/2 Years Old
She loved to run all over my bed & snuggle up to me. I loved her very much. I have two new pigs named Lupe & Mimi. They are so cute but I will always remember Pig Pig. She was my best friend.....Debbie
SpacerLittle Guy
Died Feb. 2003
Little Guy was my best friend. I loved him so much. He just died last week &I still cry myself to sleep. He was my friend. He was my baby. I loved him soooo much.....Kristen

Died Feb. 2003
She was a lovely guinea pig & a good mother. She had 3 guinea piglets & was always drinking. She was the sister of Bandit who I have also entered here & I hope she's happy where she is.....Katie
1998 - 2003 Age 4-1/2
Cottontail was my pride & joy. I hope you rest well in heaven little girl. I will always love you....Mosaic
Died April 17, 2003
Tati is the sweetest little angel that ever touched our lives & our hearts. He's so playful & friendly. His cute innocence always brighten up our days. He may be now resting in peace, but his memories shall forever live within our hearts. Thanks for the sweet memories, dear friend.....Jeff & Teng
Died April 2003
Chipper was a happy little Guinea Pig. She would always talk to you by squeeking & she would let you know when she was out of water or if she wanted more food. She got a disease where her body wasn't properly getting rid of the waste it was suppose to & she passed away on a Sunday in April 2003..... James & Family
Feb. 23 2003 - May 4, 2003
Bentley was a feisty little pig. She was the runt of the litter. Her mom's name was Jellybeans & her dad's was Hershey. She looked identical to her mom. She died from colon failure. It was a disease were she couldn't get rid of the fecal pellets that she needed to & had a lack of vitamin C.....James & Family
Died May 13, 2003
Jellybeans was a sweet little gunea pig & she was the nicest piggie anyone could ever have. She would come to me when I would walk by her cage wanting me to pick her up. I would pick her up & after I would hold her a few minutes she would go to sleep in my arms. I don't know why she died, she was fine yesterday & this morning when I woke up she was dead. Jellybeans is the mom of "Bentley" (above).....James & Family
1998 - May 2003
Cuppie was better known as Lewis. Lewis was not a lovey-dovey pig, but he was full of character. He especially enjoyed running around the Christmas tree & eating from our dog Chloe's food dish. He is greatly missed.....Joanie
1999 - June 2003
Agnes was my little angel, a beautiful pure white Coronet with a precious personality. It was devestating watching her weaken from a tumor, & I'm glad she is now at peace.....Joanie
Died April 16 2003 Age 4
I cannot describe how much I miss him. All thats left inside me is a bottomless hole. He was always there for me when I was feeling down or upset & now he's not. My parents & friends don't understand. They mock me when I still cry about him. He was so sweet & innocent & will be greatly missed by me. I'll see you again one day son, don't forget me and I'll never forget you.....Lyndsey
Died Aug. 31, 2003
She was a very special little piggie who was a fighter but we didn't want her to suffer. She was adored by everyone who ever met her & she was always happy. She was very pretty & always made people smile. She will be missed & loved forever.....

Died Sept. 29, 2003, Age: about 7 years.
When we adopted Sammy they told my brother he was the runt of the litter, but he picked him anyway because Sammy was the only one that went right up to him & started squeeking. Even though he was the "runt" he far outlived his brothers & sisters. Sammy loved carrots & grapes & our house always seemed filled with his cute little squeeks. He was a sweet little piggy who never bit anyone (except the occasional "love nibble" on a finger or two). He was also a smart little guy who would always let you know when his water bottle was getting low. Last night he quietly passed away due to sickness/old age. We know he's in a better place where he is no longer in pain, however our family is greatly saddened & will always miss him. We love you, Sammy baby.....Kristin, Mike, Mom & Dad
Oct. 8, 2000 - Oct. 13, 2003
Guinnuis had a heart of gold. He loved carrots & his pig treats! We would go camping every weekend at a campground where we have a trailer. We would take him with us & let him run through a big card-board tube. He died in my arms. It was pneumonia that took his life. Even though he was pretty old for a guinea pig we was always my baby & always will be. I love you piggy boy..... Love Brittany.
Died Oct. 31, 2003
She was a sweet, loving little girl. She would squeal for attention when I got home. She loved going outside in the summer to get some excercise & eat clover. I only had her for 2 years, when she got an upper respitory infection. Mom & I did everything we could to help her get better, but she was already way too sick by time she showed any signs. We love her and miss her very much.
July 26, 2000 - Nov. 13, 2003
Tazz died from a tumour that just got to big. Even when it was small, we were advised not to operate. She lived like a Queen & ate like one too. I enjoyed every moment with her. She was my first Guinea Pig who I would call "GIRLIE" and I miss her talking something horrible. When she died, she left a huge hole in my heart that will never heal. Tazz was a member of our family & I feel like I have lost a child. Our dog Max runs over to her spot where she was in the kitchen & looks for his 'baby'. He would lay next to her when she was out of her cage. I buried her in my flower garden & I visit her each day & blow her kisses. She will never be alone - Mom is always there. I miss you my little girlie!! Will love you forever.....Mom(Lynda), Ray, Michael &Max (dog)
July 2000 - Aug. 26, 2003
He was brought home by my sister & soon became the light of the house. Chirping his lungs out & getting all the food & spoiling a cavy could get. At the beginning of July he stopped eating & from there began his slowly dying after we took him half country to check him. He left a huge hole in our hearts.
SpacerTil skad
Aug. 2000 - Sept. 12, 2003
Bought a few months after Shanti. He was very shy but full of love. He & his friend Shanti liked to stand & chirp for food in the morning & liked running around in the porch in sunny days. After the death of Shanti we couldnt bear another illness & sent him to a nice lady who had a farm with many animals. He was very shy though & didnt eat. On a friday we had a phone call, telling us he died. We think its from sorrow.
2001 - Jan. 4, 2004
Nibble was a great pet. He loved to explore & nibble on things. When the house was quiet he would leave his cage & walk around. If you were in the room he would curiously sneak up on you & squeak to say hi. He will be greatly missed by his brother, Don-Don & his family.....Mom, Dad, Ashley & Joey.
July 1998 - Jan. 23, 2004
Peanut was a strong little girl. She lived through many bladder infections, bladder stone surgery, ovarian cyst (she lost a ton of hair). But she hung in there & I took the best care of her that I knew how. She was my alarm clock for many years. She knew when it was her breakfast time. After 5-1/2 years, she passed away. I miss her so much. I'm sure she's in her favorite strawberry garden in the sky with my dog Ethel giving her kisses.....Jessica
Sept. 2003 - Apr. 19, 2004
My little baby was only 7 months old when he passed away. He was suffering from constant respiratory problems. We took him to the vet 3 times, but they always said he was fine. He was my favorite & my husband & I loved & always will love him dearly. We miss him so much. Little Rusty (his friend), also misses him. He loved being scratched on his little throat &he loved his baby corn in the morning & broccoli in the evening. He was my noisy piggie, always made it clear when he was hungry. I will never forget you Ritchie, we will love you forever.....Melanie
We loved him very much & we miss him now.
We loved you. You were so beautiful.
We loved you & we shall always.....Ben

Nov. 2003 - Sept. 2004
This brown & white Abysinnian guinea pig was full of life & queen of the hutch. She constantly squeaked & chirruped when being petted & loved her carrots. We all miss her very much & she will always be remembered.....Lewis, Lynsey, Sonic & Lucky
2001 - Oct. 22, 2004
She was the sweetest piggy, who I loved & nurtured. Her lovely morning song will be with me for ever....Zoë
May 12, 2002 - Nov. 1, 2004
Our Lil' Girl passed away & now there is a hole in our hearts. We're not sure what went wrong but we pray for her. I hope that she has crossed over Rainbow Bridge to join all the other guinea pigs that are playing in the fields. She has left behind her owners & her Father "Spotty" who is 4 yrs old. She was a beautiful little girl. Calico colored & wild haired. She will never be forgotten. I still hear her lil squeaks of joy. She is in a better place now & will not be forgotten. We love you Kiwi.....Mommy (Diana), Daddy (Manny), Tiki & Spotty.
Jean KateJean Kate
Died Dec. 2,. 2004
Jean Kate was undoubtedly the most fun-loving pet we ever had. Everytime she's out with her sisters, she would often be the first to popcorn wildly around. She also loves eating lots of cucumbers but would never hesitate sharing it with her sisters. In her eyes radiates kindness, sweetness & everlasting purity. Thanks for the sweet memories, baby Jean Kate. We love you so much!.....Jeff & family
Nov. 2001- Jan. 2004
Nova was a cute little guy. He always wanted a treat when ever you walked buy his cage. You could always tell how he was feeling by looking at his eyes. The thing I will always remember about him is that when ever I went outside with him & I walked away from him he would run right to me. I got him as a little piggy & had him all the way to the end. He was a really tough guy all of the way up tell he died in my arms at 12:30 in the morning. See ya when its my time piggers..... Love Mitch
July 1999 - Jan. 2005
Alex, aka The Queen, was a very sweet pig & led a long & contented life. She always let us know when she wanted some lettuce or parsley. She was a big sister to Punky & Butters, who I know will miss her leading them in the call for treats. Her passing was sudden & unexpected, but now she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge & I'm sure she is very happy. She will be very missed. We love you sweetie.....Lucy & Wayne
Nov. 2004 - Jan. 2005
Little Spence was sick apparently when we brought him home & died shortly thereafter. Even though the time we had together was short, he was so sweet & precious. I'm thankful he was with us, even for a short time. This is our first loss of a cavy & we never imagined the pain. We love & miss you Spence.
Fall 2002 - Dec. 29, 2004
Rosie was our little princess. She loved to be cuddled & wrapped up in her own special blanket. She loved carrots & eating fresh clover in the yard during the summer. When we got home she would always be there to greet us, sticking her fat little nose out of her cage & "oinking" at us. She got sick & died very suddenly, we dont know why. We wish she could have been with us longer but we are so glad we had her for the time we did. She was a little sweetheart & we miss her very much. Rest in peace our sweet little piggy.....Jaime
Spring 2000 - Mar. 4, 2005
Dear Midnight, king of the cage. Abbey’s best friend. Went away today. You were a big guy & sometimes a slob. But with all that, you were dearly beloved. You went away too fast, suddenly stricken. In our hearts you’re already a-missin’. Rest in peace, sweetheart. Love.....Abbey, The Girls, Raquel, Max, Chelsea & Jim
No Name - AbandonedNo Name - Abandoned Piggie
Died May 9, 2005
Even though you were with me for only 2 days, my heart goes out to you. How cruel of your owner to abandon you at the lift landing without food & water. We are sad that you can’t survive any longer. May your soul rest in peace & may the owner who abandoned you suffer the same fate as you!.....Komala (Click
here to find out what happened to it)

Fall 2000 - June 11, 2005
Abbey, you were always strong and a fighter, To eat parsley, you didn’t need a reminder, Even at the end you were strong, But now in Heaven you belong. Rest in Peace, sweet little Abbey.....Love, The Girls, Raquel, Chelsea, Max & Jim
MilkyMilky Bar
Mar. 2001 - June, 2005
Left a massive hole in my heart, the heart & soul of the house. After an abcess behind her eye & having an eye removed she seemed to love life. Gave up for no reason known passed away a couple of weeks ago Will be missed forever.....Claire, Steve & Fudge (Milky Bars sister).
SpacerMary Beth
Died June, 2004
Mary Beth was the best guinea pig I ever had. I loved her to the bottom of my heart. She looked like she was hiccupping on the floor the night before she died. The next morning I was holding her in my arms & she quietly passed away. We all cried. We miss you.....Grant
Died 2005
This morning I went to pat my beautiful Himalayan guinea pig Sugga only to find that she was D**D, I still can’t say the word. I loved her soooo much. I was given her when I was in grade 3 (2001), now in grade 7 (2005), I have grown to love her soooo much.....Elizabeth
Jan. 2004 - Aug. 29, 2005
We only had Brownie for 1-1/2 years but he was an indelible part of our family. We'll always remember the way he would crawl inside our sweatshirts, cuddle up & start purring & popcorning. We lost him to a bowel obstruction in spite of the vets & our efforts
to save him. We'll miss him greatly.....Jessica
2002 - Sept. 8, 2005
Our best buddy Spotty passed on early this morning in his sleep. He will be missed dearly. We raised his daughter "Kiwi" who passed in Nov 2004. He was a trooper, he outlived all of his children & we admire him for that. He was such a strong heart & never backed down when it came to a pinch of hay & a handful of food & vitamin drops! We hope that he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his lil girl where they can chirp together non stop. We love you & will never forget all the happiness you brought.....Daddy (Manny), Mommy (Diana) & your dog pals, Tiki & Pandora.
Died Aug. 29, 2005
Elvis was a white & black Peruvian male.He had a hard life before he finally found his forever home. He was abandoned in an apartment with 2 other piggies & was taken in by a local rescue group. He was the last of the 3 to find a home. We adopted him in April knowing that he was probably at least 3-5 years old. He was a very big boy weighing in at over 3 lbs. We loved that he was so big. He was the smartest & laid back pig I have ever met. He just loved to sit & snuggle & watch TV with you & he was all about his veggies. I don't believe that we will ever have another piggie that measures up to Elvis. He was the greatest guinea pig EVER! We will always miss & remember you Elvis. We love you.....Daddy, Mommy, Steven & Maddie.
May 2003 - May 16, 2005
Fluff was a white & reddish brown long haired guinea pig. We got him when he was about eight weeks old with his companion Pie. Originally his name was Cupcake, then changed to Fluffy & then to Fluff. Fluff was a very vocal & friendly pig. We were all very sad to lose him, especially Pie. We never knew what made Fluff so sick. It started with diarrhea & loss of appetite then lethargy & kidney failure. He will always be missed.....The McIntyre Family
SpacerPeanut Butter
Died May 27, 2006
Peanut Butter had short white & reddish hair. We got him when he was just a baby. He was a very smart guinea pig who loved lettuce, he would squeak real loud when he would hear the lettuce bag. We loved him very much & will miss him always. He developed an abcess under his chin a few months ago, we took him to the vet & he had surgery but it came back.... On May 27, 2006 we had to put poor Peanut Butter to sleep! He was a really great guinea pig with a lot of personality & he will be deeply missed by our whole family & by his guinea pig roomie Pepper! Love.....Courtnie, Samantha, Jill, Heidi, Chris & Pepper
Feb. 26,2002 - June 7, 2006
We will miss you & your cheerful squeak, your nibble on our fingers, & purr. We Love you & wish we could have done more to help you. Sweetheart will miss you too. She just looks for your cage & whines. You guys were buddies, it won't be the same without you. R.I.P.....Love Nicci , Justin, Savannah, & Sweetheart. (AKA Mommy, Daddy, Sister & Sister Pup.)

Jan. 2002 - June 13, 2006
We got him when he was still very young & the first memory we have of bringing him home is that we were cooking macaroni & cheese & he smelled the pasta cooking & just squealed & squealed! He was very loving & very sweet. He loved to be held & petted. He liked eating clover in the back yard, but would eventually climb back on your lap & squeal to go back in. He loved timothy hay, lettuce & carrots & oward the end of his life he learned to love kale. He had a guinea pig friend named Ralphina who stayed with us for awhile. He died quite suddenly of unknown causes & it was quite a shock to us, but we know he is in heaven now. We look forward to the day when we see him again. Thank you for the joy you brought us, Patches.
Dec 2000 - July 2006
We loved this little piggie from the moment we saw him. Liz picked him out when he was just 1 month old. We drove for an hour to a breeder to get this little guy. He was very happy & enjoyed his hay & an orange slice everyday! He had such beautiful coloring with a stripe right down the middle of his face, dark brown on one side, reddish brown on the other. Everyone who saw him thought he was special. He died of old age and we miss him very much.....Love always, Mommy, Daddy, Liz, Phil, & Merry
Sept. 16, 2000 - July 28, 2006
Our dear Whiskey. It breaks our heart that you had to leave us & so sorry we couldn't ease your suffering at the end. I cuddled you for hours. You are at peace now. We miss you so very much. Thank you for the wonderful years we shared & all the memories you have left us with. We shall do our best to look after your sister Ginger & keep her happy but I know she misses you too! Sleep tight sweetie! Always my little chuckabins!. We love you with all our hearts.....Mum, Dad and Ginger
Dec. 2002 - June 27, 2006
She was the best. I love you Snowy & so does your mother/cagemate, Lillylulu. I hope you're happy where you are.....Ariana & Lilly
Sept. 16, 2000 - Jan. 13, 2007
Our dear little 'Punkaroo' (Punkie). We will miss you so very much. Thank you for six wonderful years of fun & adventure, for all the cuddles and snuggles, for all the happy times. We wish you could have stayed with us forever but we know you are now with your sister & companion, Whiskey. You are both such beautiful little girls & now that you are both gone our lives feel very empty & sad indeed. I will miss making your breakfast & tea, cleaning your house, watching you run around our lounge, the squeaks, the rustling, sawdust all over the house, the fridge will never look so healthy again!! Sleep tight, Good Snoozles & stay close to us. You'll always be remembered & loved. "To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die". God Bless. Lots of love, cuddles, snuggles & kisses.....Mum and Dad
Died Jan. 22, 2007
Snoopy was a skinny pig who was only around a year old. He was a wonderful guinea pig with lots of personality. Unfortunately, by the time we realized he was sick, he only lasted another day. We are not sure what took Snoopy from us. He lost weight rapidly & then was gone. He was great with children & loved everyone. His cagemate, Gizmo, a peruvian male, will greatly miss Snoopy. He is very sad & depressed today. Hopefully he will come around soon with all the added attention he is getting. Snoopy was saved from a breeder for the intention of providing Gizmo with much needed companionship. Who was to know he would become such a wonderful member of our family. He will be greatly missed. We love you Snoopy.....Mommy, Daddy, Steven, and Madison
Died Jan. 24, 2007
I got him about four years ago when I was distraught over another guinea pigs death, he made me so happy & I loved him so so much. I can't actually believe that he's died. I feel really terrible for not being there for him when he died, as I'm away at university, the last time I held him was Christmas & now I'll never get to hold him again. I can't stop crying. Anyway, I loved you so much Lij, & I hope wherever you are you're happy now.....xXxLyndseyxXx
Apr. 6, 2004 - May 7, 2007
Dear Squirmy, you were a leader since the day you were born, leading the others in Cavy Condo. You grew up to be a very friendly & squeaky guinea pig. Unfortunately, your reign was short; you developed bladder stones & was in pain. You went on to Cavy Heaven, to lead the other cavies in the afterlife. You were Max’s favorite guinea pig; we will love you forever. Rest in peace, Squirmy.....Love, Snowball, Brownie, Raquel, Max, Chelsea & Jim
Sept. 2002 - Jan. 3, 2007
I really love you & really miss you. You died in my arms with your paws around a carrot. You were buried nearby Snowflake, who is mentioned a few memorials above yours & the picure with your memorial shows Snowflake on the left next to you. I miss you both with all my heart.....Ariana
June 2, 2002- Nov. 18, 2006
As soon as that man dropped you & Billy off in that box, I wanted to have you two. That was wrong for him to leave you guys in front of the vets office so young & small, but I'm glad you two came into my life. My first guinea pigs, I loved you to death. I still have your sister & I wished you were well enough to be here too. Billy was depressed after you passed. She lay in the corner waiting for you to come back. After a week or so she was a little bit better. I still haven't gotten Billy a new friend. I'm thinking of adopting a guinea pig or two from a person who adopted a supposed girl piggy. It got 5/6 of her pigs pregnant. So I think I'll help her out, but as many guinea pigs that I adopt, it still won't replace you in your me nor your sisters life. I love you always Silly. I miss your black rockstar hair. I wish I had a pic of you but I thought we had forever . You were so sick but no one ever knew. I wish I could have saved you. I'll put a pic of Billy the day after i got you two. Love ya, you'll be in my prayers.

March 10, 2005 - Aug. 4, 2007
Gizmo was a great piggie & had the most laid back personality. His best friend Snoopy (5 memorials above) died in January & I know Gizmo missed him a great deal. They can now be back together in heaven where Gizmo can watch over Snoopy once again. Gizmo died unexpectantly & will be greatly missed. It is amazing how much a hold one of these little guys can have on your heart. We had truly hoped he would have a really long & healthy life but I guess God has bigger plans for him now. We will miss you greatly & have a hole in our family where you used to beg for your treats. Rest in Peace.....Love, Mommy, Daddy, Steven & Madison
Popcorn Dos SantosPopcorn Dos Santos
Feb. 14, 2003 - Sept. 21, 2007
We named you Popcorn because of the happy way you jumped around & brought us great joy when we met you at the GP rescue. You were our little silkie, so dainty & ladylike, tan & white with the most adorable swirl on your little head. We brought your adopted sister Peanut home a few weeks afterward & you two became best of friends, although you always ruled the condo : ) You were the most loving little girl, you would chirp to us when we sang to you or got anywhere near the fridge & your veggies. Every year you loved the bell paper & lettuce cakes we made you for your birthday. You were our very first pet as a family & we will always remember you & love you. We know we will see you again in heaven because God promised that there would be no more sadness there. We will miss holding you & petting you - you always made us smile! You were the best pet ever & we are so sorry to have lost you so soon. All our love always.....Your Family, Gez, Melissa, Elisabeth, Daniel, Rebecca & Peanut Dos Santos
Sept. 3, 2007 - Nov. 5, 2007
Our dearest Patches,although we only had you in our lives a short time,we just wanted to say a few words to send you on your way into the peaceful afterlife. We loved you dearly & were crushed by your passing. You had the greatest personality we have known. Know that we love you & wish you were still here. We pray that you went peacefully as we held you in our arms till the end .We will always hold you in our hearts & memories & never shall we forget the love & happiness you brought us & others. May you always have your favorite treats & plenty of fresh water .We will meet again one day. Thank you Patches.....Love always, Mommy & Daddy.
Died Nov. 3, 2007
My friend had given her to me. She had originally came from a breeder out of Las Vegas. She was born around late 06 or early 07 so she wasn't that old. Passion was dear to my heart. Her favorite thing to eat was Parsley. Everytime you were in the kitchen & she heard a bag or anything she would pop around in her cage & squeak because she just knew she was going to get something to eat. When she wanted attention she would chew on the bars on her cage until you came over there & got her out to play with her. She also loved the cats being around her. She would squeak & make noises at them. She talked to me a lot & had a very outgoing personality. I am not too sure what happened to her. She got sick in one day & would not eat nor drink & was hiding in the corner of her cage with her head in the corner. We took her to the vet & he thought she just had a cold so he gave us some antibiotics to give her. Two hours later she passed away while her daddy was holding her in his lap. We are waiting on the necropsy results that the vet wanted to do. One of my cats, Gracie, had just passed 10-05-07 so I know they are together playing at the Rainbow Bridge! WE LOVE YOU! Look out for all your siblings! *Sadly missed* . GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN..... Love Eva n John & your 13 siblings!
? - May 4, 2008
Our beloved piggy Gidget just passed away on Sunday. We are not quite how old she was since we got her from a rescue 3 years ago & way back then, they suspected she was quite old. We went to get another peruvian but when we saw Gidget we fell in love with her & took her home instead. We believe that she had uterine cancer & it was just finally her time to go. She was a favorite in our household. 2 of her buddies are listed above...Gizmo & Snoopy. She was the only piggy we have ever had that loved to lay on her back & let you rub her tummy. She was an absolute joy to have & always the most vocal in her group. Her sisters are quite depressed right now as Gidget was always the ring leader. She will be greatly missed by all of us & the house will be very quiet without her. We love and miss you Gidget.....Daddy, Mommy, Steven, Madison & Paxton.
2003? - May 31, 2008
Adopted: February 2004. Dear Snowball, you lived a long life. Bearing your babies was quite a sight! Your girls & boys, they’ve grown a lot. But now your senior days have all caught up. And with that last breath, you waited for Max for one last stroke & away you go. Go now, play with daughter Squirmy, And all your cavy friends up in Heaven.....Love you always, Brownie, Duchess, Raquel, Max, Chelsea and Jim
Died June 20, 2008
Our special pet & devoted friend, Puffy, passed away suddenly at the age of 3 years & 8 months. He joined our family when we adopted him & his twin brother from the San Diego Humane Society in April 2006, with the help of Dad Joe. He had an adorable little face & funny cowlicks over his body, due to being half abbyssinian. We loved to cuddle with him & he was the one of our four guineas who could snuggle the longest. We laughed as he communicated through little purrs, chirps & squeaks. He helped us through countless hours of studying, watching TV, reading, PS2 games & even came along a couple of times when we brought laundry downstairs. He loved to stand up so tall when begging for food that he even fell over backwards once or twice. Puffy, we miss you dearly already & can't believe you're gone. You were our "architect", "Stunnah", "Mr. Puff Puff" & "Pigster". We are happy we had you for another year, since we thought we'd lose you the last time, but were able to nurse you back to health. Sending you lots of love, hugs & kisses until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Hope you like your memorial site at the Guinea Pig Garden in Lakeside.....Love, Dad & Mom (Steve and Gina)
May 2003 - June 12, 2008
There is no other way to describe Pie other than WONDERFUL. Pie was 5 years old when he died suddenly after one day of loosing his appetite. Pie started his life with us & his mate Fluff who died 3 years ago. When Pie lost Fluff, he got the best roomate in the world "Baby Pig" Stew. After about 4 months, a teeny tiny Fifi (Princess Fiona) joined their family. Both pigs took Pie on as their dad. He was the sweetest, gentlest guinea pig in the world. There will never be another Pie, he was truly one in a billion. He will be sincerely missed by the whole McIntyre family, but most of all by Baby & Fifi. Rest in peace, Pie, we will never forget you and will always love you!
Nov. 2003 - Sept. 26, 2008
Cinnamon was a sweet & happy addition to our family. He was always eager to be cuddled & held. When friends were visiting, he was never shy or mean & would lick you & never bite. He loved to snack on celery, carrots, apples & of course, lettuce! Cinnamon loved to graze in our yard & enjoy beautiful weather. Our whole family was devastated when he passed away apparently due to an intestinal obstruction. We still have Chocolate, his twin brother to love, but there will always be a special place in our heart for ‘our little son’. Rest in peace Cinnamon, you will be missed & visited often by our willow tree. Until we meet again in heaven.....Love, Ashley, Ben, Nick, Mom & Dad
March 2001 - Oct. 6, 2008
Fudge had to be put to rest after 2 days of lost appetite & loads of complications from old age. She was 7½ years old. Sister Milky Bar will be pleased to see you but I dont think you will be pleased to see her, lol. Don't fight now that you're back together! You will be missed dearly by Daddy Steve, Mommy Claire & Little Eliane. You & Milky Bar will be in our hearts forever & always. Take care of each other. Lots of luv & hugs.....Mom & Dad


SpacerRuby Tuesday
May 2008 - Dec 31, 2008
Ruby was one of two piggies that we got for our son Marik for his third b-day in July 2008 (she was really ours, but we "said" she was for him). Gwen & Ruby got along like they were best friends. We did notice that while Gwen was getting huge, Ruby didn't grow as big as Gwen did, even though they were the same age. We got home from work one day & Ruby had gone to the Cavy Rainbow. This is our first family death (I consider animals part of the family) & we're pretty heartbroken. We will miss you Ruby!.....Love, Mar, David, Raevyn, Marik & Jace
SpacerMilky Way
March 27, 2009 - May 27, 2009
March 27th was a day that nobody in our family will ever forget. We called it a lucky day & it was. Our guinea pig CoCoa puffs gave birth to 2 beautiful babies. One girl: Tootsie & one boy, Milky Way. From the begining he was always my favorite. He would snuggle with me at night & LOVED to be fed a carrot by hand every day. Unfortunatly on May 27th this little angel crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving his sister behind. I LOVE you Milky Way. Some day we will be together again.
Died Aug. 26, 2009
You were part of our family for nearly 3 years & we loved you lots. We are so sad to have lost you & we miss you so much. Rump also misses his best friend, you had lots of fun together. Wish that we could have saved you but you were very poorly with pneumonia. We tried to help you by taking you to the vets but we lost you the next day - it truly broke our hearts. You did not deserve to suffer but we know that you are at peace now. We hope that you enjoyed all the yummy food we gave you, especially the dandelion leaves which were your favorite. Thank you for always kissing my head when I put the food in your cage & for squeaking when you heard the food coming. You were such a lovely little character & we will never forget you. You have your own little memorial in the garden. We will always visit you & talk to you so you will always be with us. I hope you squeak back to us. Keep Rump company as we're sure he misses you already. You deserved to be here longer little angel but it was your time to go. You made your mark on this world & in our hearts & we will remember you and love you forever. Rest in peace Sirloin.....All our love, Mummy, Daddy, Rump & Smudge
Norma JeanNorma Jean
Aug. 2004 - Sept. 19 2009
Norma Jean was my beloved piggy for 5 years & I loved her so very much. She brought a lot of joy to my life & kept me company when my husband was in Marine Corps training. She will be deeply missed & the house will be quiet without her squeeling she's hungry! She lived a good & happy life. Happy to the very end! I know she's in heaven eatin' her carrots & timothy hay.....Chandra & Nate
2005 - Oct. 6, 2009
Dear Pixie, you were the sweetest pet one could hope for. Your gentle manner with Cookie, Zippy & us was unique & difficult to comprehend for one so small. You & your nature will be greatly missed & whilst letting you go to sleep was a difficult choice to make we hope it was right & any suffering has ended. Your life has filled us with happiness as we hope yours was too.....Love Louisa, Angie and Richard
Died Oct. 24, 2009
Mercutio passed away at 10 pm after having a series of seizures. She was a precious little girl. She always greeted me when I got home by yelling for a treat but had to be cuddled before she would eat it. She was a trickster & loved to peek out from under the couch & sneak around to bite toes.
2006 - Oct. 29, 2009
I know you are no longer suffering or in any pain whatsoever now. You were the best pig anyone could ask for. I hope you know you were loved by me & your great grandma so so so much & we will never forget you. All the long road trips we had together, late nights staying up & endless amounts of grass in the summer little piggie. You brought so much happiness to my life in the years we shared. You're in our hearts forever. *Kisses*.....Love, Dad & Great Grandma
2005 - Nov. 6, 2009
Klaus, a.k.a Professor Klaus Cuddlesworth was a beloved member of our family who had a strong & loving personality. He was very special to Diana, our daughter, who adopted him while away in college in fall 2005. Klaus was a frequent holiday guest at our house & was very inquisitive & had many fun interactions with our other two guinea pigs, Gilligan & Skipper. He was known for his whorls of fur as an Abyssinian & was loved by all of Diana’s friends as well. Also known as the Professor, he was widely traveled on the east coast. Klaus passed away last week after a battle with bladder stones. He will be missed by all. One of our other beloved pigs, Gilligan, died suddenly in the spring & Klaus will be buried next to him in Gilligan’s sunflower garden at our farm. We love you, Klaus, sleep well.....Love Marian, Rick & Diana
SpacerElla Gizmo - Dec. 2008 - July 16, 2010
Gwenipig Tennyson
- May 2008 - July 20, 2010
My husband & I thought long & hard for our first family pet. After lots of research, we had decided to get a guinea pig for our son Marik's third birthday. That guinea pig was Gwen. After we took Gwen home, she seemed lonely. So we went back to the store & bought her cagemate, which we named Ruby Tuesday. Ruby had passed away that following Dec., so we brought home Ella. That way Gwen wouldn't be alone. Then we upgraded our cage to one of those giant cubes & coroplast cages. Since we have three kids & a bigger cage, we adopted Terraa month later. Ella & Gwenipig embarked on their journey to the Cavy Rainbow just four days apart. My family will miss them dearly.....
Aug. 16, 2006 - Oct. 16, 2011
Stinky, you passed away last night & left a hole in all of our hearts. You were 5 years young when you left us. We adopted you from the pet store. I was reluctant at first, but I can't tell you how much joy you've brought to my life. Stinky, you REALLY lived up to your name! You were such a sweet boy, you loved your timothy hay, baby carrots and spinach! You called to us with a loud whistle every morning, in case we weren't there on time to feed you your breakfast. We will miss your purring, your chirpy calls & most importantly, the way you used to nuzzle when being held or petted. And your bathtime! How can we forget the sillyness you showed, you loved your bath! You loved your person, Joshua, so much, he wants to be a better person because of you, so he's going to dedicate his life improvement in your memory. You were so loved, and you will be missed very much.....Love, Mommy Heather, Daddy Dave, Sister Jessica & Brother Joshua.


2004 - 2012
Floppy was given to us by some friends. She was such a blessing to us for fifteen months. During that time she became a part of our family & a large part of our lives. She was around eight years old & her age caught up with her. We were there with her stroking her gently as she went to guinea pig Heaven. We love her & miss her so much. Floppy, we had to say goodbye here, but we'll see you again someday. Love forever.....Sheryl and Marty.
I love you George & I forever will because forever means never forgetting. I never wanted a guinea pig but then I saw you & I knew right then & there that you would be my new little girl. It was happy times with you but then you got sick & the vet said there was nothing I could & you might get better but then you died & I miss you. Gilbert & I both miss you.....Forever Love From Erin & Gilbert
Died Mar. 10, 2012
Nibblez died on Saturday at around 2:15 & was buried at home on Sunday at about 9:45 (the church bells were ringing). We all miss him very much & will never forget him.Rest in peace little one.
Jan. 25, 2012 - Jan. 22, 2016
He was loved by his brother Alfie & they spent many happy afternoons scamping round the garden in their guinea pig pen eating grass & dandelions. He loved to squeak loudly when his breakfast was taken to him in the mornings & he enjoyed being groomed with a brush. We loved kissing his rosette on his head & stroking his velvet soft ears. We love & miss you so much Bailey. We lit a candle in church & prayed for you to get better. We are deeply upset & you have left a space in our hearts. Words cannot describe how sorry we were to see you get poorly & we will never forget you. We hope that you are now resting in peace at Rainbow Bridge playing with the other guinea pigs.
Your brother Alfie & we will see you again one day for cuddles. Stephanie & Kacey xxxx
Died June 21, 2016
To my dear friend Marty - your death was very unexpected & hit me very hard & I wish I could have prevented this from happening but I can't.. I miss you so much already, you made me & my family so happy :) My mum said no more guinea pigs & then we saw you & she couldn't resist.. You put such a smile on our faces, you were a little mischievous but you were also very entertaining, you were such an amazing pet & friend to me & I wish you the best!!!! I love you Marty! I will never forget you.




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